Sophisticated Operating System

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Sophisticated Operating System
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Made in: 1980
Discontinued: 1982
Platform: Apple III
Preceding OS: none
Succeeding OS: ProDOS

The Sophisticated Operating System (or SOS for short) was for the Apple III. It influenced the design of ProDOS and HFS for the Macintosh.

[edit] Advantages

SOS had many advantages over Apple DOS. It allowed device drivers for hard drives and RAM disks, as well as support for 5 1/4" floppy drives.

[edit] Problems

SOS was not natively backwards compatible with DOS 3.2 and DOS 3.3, even though the Apple III was backwards compatible with the Apple II Plus in hardware. Users had to boot an Apple II emulator disk to run Apple II software.

The IBM PC, released one year after the Apple III, sealed the Apple III's and SOS's coffin.

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